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30 Sep Compilation mod with enhanced graphics, new sounds, weapons (+), suits, overhauled weather, extra mutants(cats, zombies etc), bug fixes, faction wars and much more! Includes material from AMK, Oblivion Lost, STALKERSOUP, Stalker Complete , L.U.R.K, Priboi Story, Absolute Nature and. However, because of these statements, Stalkers call certain Expert Stalkers " Legendary Stalkers" of the Zone, and most of the Rookies get inspiration off of them because of the stories they've heard about them. Whether some are true or not is unknown. But some could be over-exhaggerated like many of the stories of the. 8 Jun hi guys, my STALKER Series has been on my backlog for a long time, and suddenly i'm in the mood to play SoC, so i wanna ask which mods is better? what i need is an experience as close as the vanilla as possible, but i know that the vanilla is full of bugs, and i hate buggy games, so which one of those.

I am out of STALKER for 3 years now. I used to play every new mod that was out there, but I got bored. One of my favorite mods was LEGENDARY for. 13 May Dark stalker makes nether step, already the best movement ability in the game even more reliable and safe. Always having a dash or two means androxus can always escape, and he can chain kills super easy. Androxus is so safe atm and you can't really get punished when playing him. Also, why does. The best build to use when running the Dark Stalker legendary card as it provides +40% movement speed at almost all times, as well as healing. Sleight of hand and buying time are a must pick up on just tier one, though seething hatred can be swapped if you'd like, but I prefer it myself. Share Build Guide. Why not show.

Does anyone have the stats on the Stalker prefix? How much more accurate is it? How much more VATS cost? Thanks. ?v=_ ilILWA7HTE, ?v=KPM41JQFdQY. Gamertag: Damage Shop our premium collection of Men's Pullovers from Legendary Whitetails. We offer Men's Fleece Pullovers in a wide variety of Crews, Hoods,? Zips, and Mocks.


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