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Marvel movie omnibus phase 1

Awesome, I want to try this. However, Phase 2 is going to be fucking huge considering he's including (and rightfully so) Phase one will need edited soon for more flashbacks and then Agent Carter and any stuff that happens in that time period for the other movies. Will definitely need to do this. 26 Dec The Marvel Cinematic Universe Gets Edited Together in Chronological Order. Over the fall I decided to put together a supercut of all the Marvel movies, putting all the scenes in correct story order. I like to call is the Marvel Movie Omnibus. 30 Dec Marvel's Phase 1 movies have long since been completed, but the effects of the events explored within them are still being felt in subsequent movie an.

29 Dec A Marvel movies super fan has created the ultimate viewing experience of the cinematic universe by placing all the movies of Phase 1 into chronological order. A member of See below to see the complete list of movies necessary to build your own "Marvel Movie Omnibus" for Phase 1 and 2. Click here to. 26 Dec But if you happen to have video editing skills, and a detailed understanding of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, here's a project that will hold your interest for the foreseeable future: The Comic Archive's "Marvel Movie Omnibus – Phase 1," which is basically the craziest way of experiencing the first wave of. 3 Jan Geek out with the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe in one Mega-Cut Over the Christmas holidays, I had set out on a mission, to re-cut the Marvel movies into one coherent continuous film. I have only had the opportunity to finish the Phase 1 Omnibus but I am looking forward to editing the second.

31 Dec Next year's Avengers: Age of Ultron is already one of the most hotly anticipated movies of , and it will likely end up being one of the highest grossing films of all time. But that's Watch every scene from every Marvel movie in one hour mega-movie How To Make A Marvel Movie Omnibus - Phase 1. 30 Dec The Comic Archive on YouTube decided to take the films apart scene by scene and place everything in chronological order, including parts from Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter, and the Marvel one-shots. The full edit of Phase One will be a massive project all together, taking over 12 hours to watch in all. 30 Dec Marvel Studios has carved out an impressive film and TV franchise that's known for its inter-movie continuity as it is its individual characters -- as we've seen on several occasions, one small scene in a movie could propel a whole different movie or television series. And with the tight inter-connectiveness of.


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