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HASP and HARDLOCK dongle dumper/emulator features: Emulates HASP SRM, HASP HL, HASP 4, HASP 3 and HARDLOCK dongles. Emulates new SafeNet Inc HASP Key and SafeNet Inc Sentinel HL Key dongles family. 6 Mar Hello everyone, yesterday my friend asked me to help him to eliminate a HASP dongle from his PC. His PC was installed Strand7 and it needs a USB dongle which has type HASP to work exactly. I accepted his request to help him. I noticed that his PC was installed Windows 7 64 bit Professional. I searched. Aladdin HASP4 and HASP HL dongle emulator. Aladdin HASP Emulation Step-by-step instruction. HASP/Hardlock dumper and emulator designed as low level kernel mode driver and requires Administrators privileges to be installed.

Hello All. I have a VM with a HASP Multikey emulator installed. I want to take the emulated SafeNet USB SuperPro/UltraPro and create a physical. Safe-Net and Aladdin HASP dongle emulator - software product for backup and virtualization for HASP USB and Parallel dongles. Dongles - "faked hardware protections". October Latest What is a Dongle? Dongle Web Resources Dongle BPX's. Dongle Tools Dump Conversion Utilities Hardlock (Envelope) HaspCode() / HASP 4 / HASP-HL Sentinel Pro Emulation Code Sentinel Shell p-code Format Tutorials (sorted) Dongle ID's / Seed Codes.

Dongle backup and recovery utility user manual. USB emulation for SafeNet Inc Sentinel HL and HASP dongles.


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